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With more than half of our new accounts coming from our referrals, it is no surprise that our customers have good things to say about Visionwebhosting. But don't just take our word for it, read what our actual customers have to say about us to see why we feel good about coming to work every day.

"As a webmaster for many and owner for a few sites I am all to familiar with the promises made by hosting companies, I have moved some sites several times in only a matter of months only hard to find the next host not much better and not able to deliver one simple request "Trouble Free" A tall order but Visionwebhosting.net has delivered and at very reasonable rates too... Now I host all my 10 websites with them!"

Mike McEwen www.top100download.us

What can I say. The increases are fantastic. We have a small primarily static website hosted with Visionwebhosting. Even with features offered before the increases we didn't even come close to approaching those limits (storage, xfer limits, etc.) Honestly the only change that I can foresee having a drastic impact on the site is now having unlimited MySQL Databases. One was actually inhibitive. Our experiences with Visionwebhosting has always been excellent and I had no hesitation in recommending your service to other people. Now I will have to try not to too forcefully recommend your services. You definitely offer the most bang for the buck of any host, of practically any merchant period, I have ever seen.

Donald M. Wilson, Director www.bowhunttexas.com

Wow! You guys definetely rock! Every time I get an email from you, you're telling me about some new awesome feature. I can't believe the features I get for the price! I couldn't be happier recommending you to my friends and fellow developers. Thank you so much for being responsive and continuing to grow in the right ways.

Bobby King www.shorefishingaustralia.com.au

Thank you so much for your help - that's precisely what I was looking for.
Have a good weekend."
Chuck www.worldmythology.ws

"Your web page hosting support is terrific!
My domain, email and web page are working great. (I signed up six weeks ago.)"
Ricardo, www.medicalsapiens.com


"You folks have been so good to us and your service is remarkable! We truly are thankful to you and your staff. We also, Lord willing, hope to spend many more years enjoying your great service."

Bob & Carol Collins www.waran.org

After searching the internet for a last few days, I decided to take a chance with Visionwebhosting and subscribed for one year. At that time, the administration page was simple compared to some other host services but it was adequate. After only a few months, I started seeing drastic changes on the administration page. Almost every week, a new feature was added. In my opinion, Visionwebhosting.net is the best hosting service on the internet today. The service your company offer is incredible not to mention how low your fees are. The best business I made this year.


John W.
Silcom Web Design www.stripoteka.com

Visionwebhosting has helped me out a great deal with other clients and their hosting. Great Technical Support, Awesome Price, and Wonderful People. Hats off to Vision  for doing such an outstanding job and service.

Gary Walberg www.latinet.info

Visionwebhosting provided a variety of high-end features at very affordable rates, especially in terms of multimedia support. Quite a few firms made bids to offer streaming and webhosting services; once we added up the numbers and considered our needs, Visionwebhosting made the most sense. The Visionwebhosting site presents their service packages clearly to a non-technical client, it is technically so easy to work with and designers and programmers have no difficulty in performing our tasks.

Misha www.kafuart.com

Excellent customer service. No downtime problems. Everything that was offered and promised was given right away.

Visionwebhosting has given us excellent Customer Service and support, we have no down-time problems with our site, everything that Visionwebhosting offered and promised, we were given right away. Visionwebhosting's Support Team has always gotten back to us immediately, and our Web designers always got the help they needed. As our company was new to the Web, and not so technical, when problems came up, they were addressed with the highest possible quality. Thanks Visionwebhosting!

Joanna Collins www.i-r-s.us


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