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Java web hosting, Java Hosting

 Java Web Hosting - Java Hosting Services by Vision Web Hosting are fully optimized with latest 4.1.30 Tomcat, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Struts, JavaBeans and much more.

Java, coupled with a java hosting database connectivity package like JDBC, is a good java web hosting language for things like database front ends and other lightweight applications. It's far more cross-platform than current solutions like PowerBuilder, Delphi or Visual Basic, easier to manage (no installation; just point at a web page) and potentially much higher performance than all but Delphi (which is based on compiled Pascal). But it doesn't solve all the problems of cross-platform development, as a few days reading any of the the Java newsgroups will show. There are three major limitations to Java's java web hosting ability to do clean cross-platform execution:


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IIn theory a Java applet can do anything: manipulate 3D VRML models, play movies, make sounds, you name it. In practice it's a lot more limited. We've already seen one important limitation: an applet has control of its region of the page but no ability to operate elsewhere on the page. But here's a more serious one: an applet can do only what the run time environment allows. Today that's limited to some low level graphics, user interfaces (buttons, menus, text fields and the like), reading and writing files (under strict security guidelines), playing a sound file and some network capabilities.


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