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Java Hosting Services  - You might ask yourself is Java easy to learn? It may be somewhat easier than C or C++. Not because its syntax is any simpler, but more because there are fewer surprises. (Try explaining the difference between a C pointer and its array implementation some time. And C++ adds lots of its own peculiarities, like temporary variables that hang around long after the function that created them has terminated.)

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Java code is portable, where C and C++ are not
Java source code is a little more portable than C-based languages. In C and C++, each implementation decides the precision and storage requirements for basic data types (short, int, float, double, etc.). This is a major source of porting problems when moving from one kind of system to another, since changes in numeric precision can affect calculations and assumptions about the size of struts can be violated. Java defines the size of basic types for all implementations; an int on one system is the same size (and can represent the same range of values) as on every other system. It does not permit the use of arbitrary pointer arithmetic, so assumptions about struts java hosting packing and sizes can't lead to non-portable coding practices.




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Is Java web hosting easier to use? Again the answer is a firm maybe, possibly, perhaps. It eliminates explicit pointer dereferences and memory allocation/reclamation. These two features are the source of many of the hardest-to-find bugs C programmers have to deal with. And java hosting services does add array bounds checking, so out-of-range subscripts are easy to find. It's too soon to tell whether Java is really easier or just seems that way because no one is writing anything truly complex with it.

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