Notification Validation 
Notification validation is the process you use to validate your data. For more information 
about Notification Validation, see the Order Management Integration Guide.
Button Encryption
If you choose Button Encryption in the Button Factory, which is the default value, your 
website payments will be secure, thus both you and your customers remain protected. PayPal 
automatically encrypts your confidential information using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 
protocol with an encryption key length of 128 bits (the highest level commercially available). 
PayPal highly recommends encrypting your button code; however, doing so has three 
1. Encrypted button HTML is not editable. If you want tp modify your button code manually, 
select No for this option.
2. You will not be able to encrypt your button if it has dynamically generated code from the 
Add More Options page, such as drop down Options fields (see step 5). If you need 
Option fields for your products, select No to turn encryption off.
3. If you choose to encrypt your button, you will not be able to create an email link.
Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide
August, 2005






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