Issuing Refunds
This chapter describes how to issue a full or partial refund to your customers using your 
PayPal account transaction history. There is also information about reimbursement of fees 
when issuing refunds. 
Refunding Within 60 Days of Payment
To issue a refund within 60 days:
1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click the History subtab.
3. Find the payment transaction you want to refund.
4. Click the Details link for the transaction.
5. Click the Refund Payment link on the Transaction Details page.
6. Enter the refund amount and click Submit.
7. Confirm the refund amount and click Process Refund.
If you issue a refund within 60 days, the original transaction fee for receiving the payment is 
credited to your account.
If you refund a pending eCheck payment, no fees are charged since the pending payment is 
effectively cancelled.
When you issue a refund, the gross amount of the refund is sent to your buyer. The gross 
amount equals the net amount of the original transaction plus the refunded fee from PayPal.
Gross Amount = Net Amount + Refunded Fee
Issuing Partial Refunds
You can issue a partial refund, or multiple partial refunds, within 60 days. Partial refunds 
indicate a Completed status for the refund itself and a Partially Refunded status for the original 
For partial refunds, you are credited a percentage of the original transaction fee based on the 
refund amount you submit.
For example, if you refund 40% of the original payment, your account will be 
credited 40% of the original fee.
August, 2005






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