Your PayPal Button
Testing Tips
You might find the following testing tips useful when testing your buttons.
Testing Tip 1
PayPal recommends starting with one of PayPal's code samples available at 
 under the Code Samples section. There are code samples for the 
following development environments.
Testing Tip 2
In your Website Payments button HTML code, add or modify the return and rm variables 
as follows, replacing the URL with the URL for your website:
Then, with your buyer account, click the Website Payments button and complete the 
transaction. Once you get to the PayPal Payment Complete page, you can use your browser s 
View Source function to view the values of the posted IPN variables at the bottom of the code.
Testing Tip 3
You can put debugging print statements into your IPN script. PayPal recommends creating a 
debugging mode of your script that you can turn on and off by adding or removing variable 
comments. Set the return variable in your Website Payments button HTML code to point 
to your IPN URL. When you complete the payment, the output of your script's print 
statements will be sent to your browser.
Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide
August, 2005






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