Your PayPal Button
1. Sign up for a Personal PayPal account if you don't already have one, and add a credit card 
to the account. This will be your  buyer  account. 
According to the PayPal User Agreement, you may have both one Personal and one 
Premier/Business account. Please do not set up any additional PayPal accounts, as this 
may result in your account access being limited.
2. Make sure that your Business/Premier account is Verified. This is your  seller  account.
3. Go to your web browser and click the button you created. Use the login and password for 
your buyer account to purchase the item. You can use penny, $.01, transactions and still 
refund the entire amount.
4. Check the results of your button test by looking at the emails received by both accounts and 
by viewing the History page for each account. 
5. Log in to your seller account and refund the payment. To refund a payment, go to the 
Transaction Details page and click the Refund Payment link at the bottom of the page. 
The refund reverses the entire payment, including transaction fees. You have 60 days to 
refund the payment. 
This testing method is free of charge and lets you complete the entire process yourself. You 
can also have friends or trusted clients buy test items, then refund them, if you would prefer 
not to open a second PayPal account. 
August, 2005 Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide






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