Language Encoding for Your Data
Changing Your Language Encoding
More Encoding Options
If you know and want to specify the exact standard name of your website's character 
encoding, click More Options on the Language Encoding page to open the More Encoding 
Options page shown in 
 More Language Encoding Options  on page 113
The More Encoding Options page allows you to specify the character encoding PayPal 
should expect from your website and the encoding of data PayPal sends to your website. 
14.4More Language Encoding Options
The encoding selection in the Encoding drop down menu is based on the country of origin 
you specified at signup.
To change the encoding selection, click the Encoding drop down menu and select one of the 
available encodings. For a complete list of supported encodings, see  
Table 14.1,  Character 
Sets and Encodings Supported by PayPal  on page 114
For data that PayPal should send to you, you have the option to specify the same or a different 
encoding. To use the same encoding as your website, click the Yes radio button. To use a 
Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide
August, 2005






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