Language Encoding for Your Data
This chapter tells you how you can set your Profile preferences to indicate the language and 
character encoding that your website uses.
Background Information
Websites that use PayPal in different parts of the world work with different languages. Human 
languages are represented in computing by the terms character set and character encoding. 
A character set is a computer representation of all the individual possible letterforms or word 
symbols of a language. For instance, ASCII (or American Standard Code for Information 
Interchange) is a common character set that has been used for decades to represent the 
letterforms, numbers, punctuation, and symbols of American English. Another example of a 
character set is Big 5, which is one of the most widely implemented Chinese character sets. 
Character encoding, on the other hand, refers to how a particular character set is represented 
internally in data processing; that is, how the individual characters are actually stored and 
operated on. There many different kinds of character encodings. For example, an encoding 
might allow 7, 8, or 16 computer bits for a single character.
PayPal refers to these two terms together as language encoding.
Changing Your Language Encoding
This section describes the default character encoding PayPal assumes for you and how you can 
change that setting.
With your Language Encoding preferences, you can precisely control the encoding of the 
data that PayPal should expect from your website's use of any PayPal website payment button, 
such as Buy Now, Donation, or Website Payments, and the encoding of the data that your 
website expects to receive back from PayPal
Your Default Language Encoding at PayPal Signup
When you sign up for a new business account with PayPal, the PayPal system determines your 
character set and its encoding based on your country of origin, as specified by you during 
signup. For example, if your postal address indicates France, by default your Selling 
Preferences language encoding is set to a Western language character set.
Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide
August, 2005






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