Using Multiple Currencies
PayPal's Multiple Currencies feature gives you the ability to buy and sell globally. Use your 
current PayPal account to make or accept payments any of the PayPal supported currencies.
Pay for purchases in your selected currency.
Payment is automatically converted to your desired currency.
No need to hold a balance in another currency to send a payment.
Accept payments directly in your selected currency.
Manage multiple currency payments using your current PayPal account.
Hold one currency balance and still accept payments in multiple currencies.
Receiving Money
Receive payments in any of the currencies listed in 
Table 1.1,  PayPal Supported Currencies, 
Currency Codes, and Maximum Transaction Amounts  on page 17
Premier and Business account holders have additional flexibility for managing Multiple 
Currencies payments.
Accepting Payments 
You choose which currencies to accept and how you would like to accept them. When a buyer 
sends a payment in a currency you hold, the funds will automatically appear in your account in 
the balance of the given currency. When a buyer sends a payment in a currency you do not 
hold, you will be asked to Accept or Deny the payment:
Accept the payment and open a new currency balance.
Accept the payment and convert it to your primary currency.
Block the payment. 
Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide
August, 2005






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