Auto Return
Subscription Password Management and Auto Return
5. Enter the Return URL to which you want your buyers redirected upon payment completion 
in the Return URL field. 
You Return URL must meet the following requirements:
  Per the user agreement, you must provide content on the page displayed by the Return 
URL that helps the buyer understand that the payment has been made and that the 
transaction has been completed.
  You must provide content on the page displayed by the Return URL that explains that 
payment transaction details will be emailed to the buyer.
  Your Return URL must specify a server that is available and be properly formatted.
If the Return URL that you supply is not valid, PayPal displays the standard 
Payment Done page upon payment completion. 
6. Click Save. 
Subscription Password Management and Auto Return
If you use or plan to use Subscriptions Password Management, you must make sure that Auto 
Return is turned off in order to display the PayPal generated username and password to the 
You can use Auto Return with Subscriptions, which is a separate feature from 
Subscription Password Management. For more information about Subscriptions, see 
the Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Manual, which is available on the PayPal 
August, 2005 Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide






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