Creating Customer Contact 
The Customer Contact Information Telephone is an option that provides you with a contact 
telephone number for your buyer. When you activate this option, your customers are asked to 
include a Contact Telephone Number with their payment information. PayPal will share this 
number with you. 
In accordance with PayPal's User Agreement, you may use this Contact 
Telephone Number only to communicate with the buyer about the related 
purchase. You may not use this number for unsolicited commercial messages.
How It Works
When you enter your payment preferences on the Website Payment Preferences page, you will 
have the opportunity to request a Contact Telephone Number from your buyer.
You can choose to make the Contact Telephone Number optional or required, or turn it off 
altogether.  Off  is the recommended default option because buyers value their privacy and 
prefer to keep unsolicited communications to a minimum.
What You See
Step 1:
You can select the option you want to use to activate the Contact Telephone Number feature. 
If you do not want to request a contact telephone number from your buyer, select the Off radio 
button. You will see the following on the Website Payment Preferences page:
Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide
August, 2005






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