Custom Payment Pages
Overriding Page Style Settings
Overriding Page Style Settings
Your Primary page style will automatically be applied to all of your payment pages unless you 
specify otherwise.
To apply a page style other than your Primary style, select a different one when creating your 
button. Just click Add More Options on the button creation page, and select a page style from 
the Custom Payment Page Style menu.
To change the page style for a button you have already created, you can modify the button s 
HTML code, replacing the value of the page_style variable with the Page Style Name of the 
style you wish to apply. The next time the button is clicked, its payment pages will appear in 
the new style.
When Custom Payment Page variables are passed at a transaction level, they override any 
page styles set in profile settings or page_settings. Customization variables are applied 
in the following order:
Order of Customization Variables
Custom Option
Custom Payment Pages 
Table A.4,    on page 133
Variable at a 
Transaction level
Primary Page Style at a 
A valid page style can be passed through at a Transaction level 
Transaction level
that overrides any page styles set in profile settings or 
Primary Page Style in 
You can create and select the primary style in profile settings.
Default PayPal Page 
The default page style used when an alternative is not selected 
Style in Profile
and designated as primary.
August, 2005 Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide






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