Custom Payment Pages
With our Custom Payment Pages feature, you can tailor PayPal s payment pages to the style of 
your website for a truly seamless payment experience. Make PayPal s payment flow yours 
with custom page colors and your own images. Custom Payment Pages can be used with all 
PayPal Website Payment buttons, including Buy Now, Donations, Shopping Cart, and 
Subscriptions. It is also compatible with the PayPal Account Optional feature and will apply 
your choices to the pages in that payment flow.
Examples of Custom Payment Pages
The pictures in this section demonstrate the types of customization you can add to your PayPal 
Website Payment buttons.
Figure 9.1,  Payment Page in Standard PayPal Page Style
,  shows a payment page without 
any customization.
9.1 Payment Page in Standard PayPal Page Style
Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide
August, 2005






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