Adding PayPal to Your Third party Shopping Cart
Passing Individual Items to PayPal
variable name, where 
 is the item number, starting with 1 and increasing by one for each 
item that is added.
4. Repeat for each item included in cart.
Include a set of required variables and any optional variables from the table above for each 
item included in your buyer's cart. The first item included in the cart should be defined 
with parameters ending in _1, such as item_name_1, amount_1, and so on. Similarly, the 
second item should be denoted with variables like item_name_2, amount_2, and so on. 
The _
 values must increment by one continuously in order to be recognized. 
If you skip from item #1 to item #3 without defining an item #2, the third item 
will be ignored.
The minimum required HTML for your post to PayPal looks similar to the following. 
8.1 HTML for Passing Individual Item Detail to PayPal
To specify currency: All monetary variables (amount_x, shipping_x, shipping2_x, 
handling_x, tax_x, and tax_cart) are interpreted in the currency designated by the 
currency_code variable posted with the payment. Because currency_code is not item 
specific, there is no need to append _
 to the currency_code variable name. If no 
currency_code variable is posted, all monetary values default to U.S. Dollars. 
To specify cart wide tax: Use the tax_cart variable to specify a tax amount that applies to 
the entire purchase, rather than to individual items. The tax_cart variable overrides any per 
item tax amount specified with tax_
For a complete list of variables, see 
 PayPal Shopping Cart HTML and Variables  on 
page 132
August, 2005 Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide






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