Encrypted Website Payments
Creating Encrypted Website Payment Button Code with the PayPal SDK
2. Log in to your Business or Premier PayPal account.
3. Click the Profile subtab.
4. Click the Website Payment Preferences link from the right hand menu.
5. Select On next to Block Non encrypted Website Payments.
Creating Encrypted Website Payment Button Code with the 
PayPal SDK
The general process for creating EWP code is as follows:
1. Create HTML name/value pairs that represent the parameters of the HTML FORM to post 
to PayPal when a customer clicks a button on your website to buy your goods or service.
2. Encrypt those button parameters with PayPal's public key.
3. Sign the encrypted data with your private key.
4. Publish the signed, encrypted FORM to your website with the  PayPal  button.
The PayPal Software Development Kit (SDK) includes the console thathas commands to 
simplify the creation of Encrypted Website Payments button code. It also has program 
methods for Java and Microsoft .NET to encrypt button code.
For more information, see the  Generating EWP Code with the Console  chapter in the
PayPal SDK Guide.
Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide
August, 2005






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