Creating Shopping Cart Buttons
PayPal Shopping Cart Button Factory
first currency, or remove all existing items from the Cart and add the items of the 
second currency. The best option is to list all of your items in the same currency.
If you do not have additional details to add to your button (such as sales tax, shipping, or your 
logo), click Create Button Now and go to Step 12. Otherwise, click Add More Options to 
see the fields listed in Steps 3 through 12.
Step 3: Calculate shipping and tax.
If you have specified shipping rates in your Profile, they will be listed under Shipping Cost 
Calculation. For more information about calculating shipping, see 
Chapter 10,  Calculating 
Shipping, Handling, and Tax
If you have specified your tax rate from your Profile, it will be listed under Sales Tax 
Calculation. For more information about calculating tax, see 
Chapter 10,  Calculating 
Shipping, Handling, and Tax
Step 4: Add option fields to your button.
Let your customers specify information about their purchases by creating an option field. You 
can use option fields to specify information such as color, size, or gift wrapping. Options must 
not change the price of an item, but let you collect additional information from your customer 
without extra email communication. Each Shopping Cart Button may have up to two option 
fields, and you can use a drop down menu or a text box to collect the information.
  Option Field Type: Choose the type of option field: drop down menu or text box. If you 
choose drop down menu, you will enter the different choices. If you choose text box, 
your customer will enter his choice.
  Option Name: Enter the name of your option. There is a 60 character limit on option 
  Drop Down Menu Choices: If you are using a drop down menu, enter your menu 
choices. There is a 30 character limit per choice, with a maximum of 10 choices. Use a 
carriage return (press Enter) to separate each choice.
Step 5: Select a View Cart button.
Choose the button image you would like your customers to click when they check out and 
complete their purchases. To display your own image, enter the URL of the image's location 
in the URL field.
Step 6: Customize your payment pages.
  Custom Payment Page Style: Give your customers a seamless payment experience by 
customizing PayPal s payment pages to match the style of your website. If you have 
already added Custom Payment Page Styles in your Profile, they will be listed here. 
Choose the page style you would like to appear when your customer clicks your 
Shopping Cart button. For more information about adding, selecting, or changing custom 
page styles, see 
Chapter 9,  Custom Payment Pages
Step 7: Customize your buyer's experience.
  Successful Payment URL: Enter the URL where you would like to send your customers 
after they have completed payment. Once customer has completes the payment, he sees 
a payment confirmation page. From this page, he will click Continue and return to the 
August, 2005 Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide






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