Creating Buy Now and Donation Buttons
Notifications You Receive
1. Click the Profile subtab of the My Account tab.
2. Click the Notifications under the Account Information heading. 
3. Find the Payment Notifications heading and clear the I receive PayPal Website 
Payments and Instant Purchase checkbox.
4. Click Save.
Your transaction history log ( History ) contains information about your payments. Each 
payment will have one of these options as its status:
Completed: The transaction was successful and the money was credited to your account.
Cleared: The eCheck payment has cleared the sender's account and has been credited to 
your account.
Uncleared: The eCheck payment has not cleared the sender's account yet.
Downloadable Logs
Log in to your PayPal account, go to the History subtab of the My Account tab and choose 
the Download My History link in the Reporting Tools menu. You have two ways of 
selecting data:
1. Click the Custom Date Range radio button and enter the dates of the entries you want to 
download. Choose the type of file you would like to download (Comma delimited, Tab 
delimited, Quicken, or QuickBooks), and click Download History. 
2. Click the Last Download to Present radio button to see all payments since you last 
downloaded your history.
The downloaded file contains a record of all payments that match your criteria.
Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide
August, 2005






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