PayPal Payments Overview
PayPal's Reporting Tools provide you with the information you need to effectively measure 
and manage your business:
Analyze your revenue sources to better understand your customers' buying behavior.
Automate time consuming bookkeeping tasks.
Accurately settle and reconcile transactions.
For more information about PayPal s Reporting Tools, see 
bin/webscr?cmd=p/xcl/rec/reports intro outside
PayPal Subscriptions and Recurring Payments is a service with which you can accept 
recurring payments for your service.
When you set up Subscriptions, you can offer your subscribers a trial period, special 
introductory rates, and a regular rate. Your subscribers will be billed automatically according 
to the terms you dictate, removing the hassle of keeping track of which payments you have and 
have not received.
For more information about PayPal Subscriptions and Recurring Payments, see the PayPal 
Subscriptions manual, which is available on the PayPal website.
August, 2005 Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide






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