PayPal Payments Overview
Shopping Cart
Easy to implement   no CGI scripting necessary.
No up front costs   you'll have the same low fee schedule used as when you receive other 
PayPal payments.
Sell with ease   PayPal maintains detailed transaction records on the PayPal website.
Improve buyer experience   with customizable buttons and secure payments, happy 
customers become repeat customers.
For more information about Buy Now and Donations Buttons, see 
Chapter 5,  Creating Buy 
Now and Donation Buttons
Shopping Cart
When you use PayPal's free Shopping Cart, your customers can purchase multiple items with 
a single payment, browse your entire selection, and view a consolidated list of all their items 
before purchasing. The PayPal Shopping Cart is a low cost way for you to accept credit card 
and bank account payments, and can be fully integrated with your website in a few easy steps. 
The PayPal Shopping Cart also offers customizable buttons and secure payments to help you 
improve your buyer experience, so happy customers become repeat customers. 
For more information about PayPal s Shopping Cart, see 
Chapter 6,  Creating Shopping Cart 
Custom Payment Pages
With our Custom Payment Pages feature, you can tailor PayPal s payment pages to the style of 
your website for a truly seamless payment experience. Make PayPal s payment flow yours 
with custom page colors and your own images. Custom Payment Pages can be used with all 
PayPal Website Payment buttons, including Buy Now, , Donations, Shopping Cart, and 
For more information about Custom Payment Page, see 
Chapter 9,  Custom Payment Pages
Calculating Shipping, Handling, and Tax
You can set up your PayPal account to automatically calculate and charge shipping and sales 
(or value added) tax, as well as specify a different tax rate for each of the 50 U.S. states and 
any of the countries listed. In addition, you can charge shipping costs as a fixed rate based on 
the amount of the total purchase, or as a percentage of the purchase price. You also have the 
option to assign shipping amounts to individual products. 
For more information about shipping and tax, see 
Chapter 10,  Calculating Shipping, 
Handling, and Tax
August, 2005 Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide






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