PayPal Payments Overview
This section provides a brief overview of each of the products described in this manual.
PayPal Account Optional 
With PayPal Account Optional turned on, your customers who are new to PayPal can make 
credit card and debit card payments without signing up for a PayPal account. This setting is 
available from your Profile, and is available to Premier and Business accounts.
PayPal Account Optional is turned on by default for all U.S. Premier and Business accounts. 
This means that your customers who already have PayPal accounts will go through the same 
Website Payments experience to which they're accustomed.
Your new customers, or existing customers who are new to PayPal, will go through a checkout 
that doesn't require PayPal signup; however, they will have that option available after 
completing the payment. Whether customers sign up for a PayPal account or not, you can set 
your Buy Now, Donations, and Shopping Cart buttons to return them to your website, and you 
will still receive the same notification emails as in the current checkout flow.
For more information about PayPal Account Optional, see 
Chapter 4,  Account Optional
Buy Now and Donations Buttons
PayPal makes it easy to accept donations and payments for single items through your website. 
The Buy Now and Donations Buttons feature can be implemented in minutes, giving you easy 
access to business from PayPal's millions of members, and any other buyer on the web. 
Because using Buy Now and Donations buttons to send and receive payments is secure, both 
you and your customers remain protected. PayPal automatically encrypts your confidential 
information using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol with an encryption key length of 
128 bits (the highest level commercially available). Your customers will not need to share 
their private financial information (e.g. credit card or bank account numbers) during the 
transaction, so they can complete payment while retaining security. However, using button 
encryption does impose some limitations, and therefore PayPal offers both encrypted and 
unencrypted button options.
The flexibility of our Buy Now buttons keeps your website working for you. You can accept 
payments from current PayPal members as well as people who have just signed up for our 
service, and you won't lose your customers after they have made a purchase the payment 
process lets you return buyers to your website, not lose them to ours.
Benefits of Buy Now and Donations Buttons include:
Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide
August, 2005






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