The PayPal Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide provides information 
about the majority of PayPal s features, and instructions for using these features to meet your 
online payment needs.
Use the Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide to:
Quickly and easily set up e commerce functionality with PayPal. For example, learn how 
to integrate PayPal into your website in minutes with the PayPal Shopping Cart or Buy 
Now buttons. 
Learn more advanced techniques and tools to get the most out of the PayPal products. 
Understand what your buyers see when they pay with PayPal. For example, review what it 
means for a new buyer to optionally create a PayPal account using the PayPal Account 
Optional feature.
View various product flows to better visualize your end product.
Review recommended solutions and best practices.
The PayPal Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide includes information 
about, and instructions for using, the following features:
Buy Now Buttons
Donations Buttons
Shopping Cart Buttons
PayPal Account Optional
Custom Payment Pages
Multi User Access
Shipping, Handling, and Tax
Auto Return
PayPal Supported Currencies
The following currencies are supported by PayPal.
PayPal Supported Currencies, Currency Codes, and Maximum 
Transaction Amounts
Maximum Transaction 
Australian Dollar
12,500 AUD
Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide
August, 2005






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