This Document
This document, the PayPal Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide, which 
describes how to use and integrate PayPal features for merchants, replaces the PayPal 
Merchant User Manual and Integration Guide, issued in June, 2005.
Intended Audience
This document is written for merchants whose websites use PayPal features to obtain 
payments from PayPal members.
Notational Conventions
This document uses typefaces to identify the characteristics of text. These typefaces and the 
characteristics they imply are described below: 
How Used
serif italics
A document title. 
A term being discussed or defined. 
For example: A file is a readable or writable stream of characters  
Boolean values (not keywords). 
For example: The function returns true if it encounters an error. 
  Pathnames or file names that appear in body text frames.
Code related names that appear in body text frames. Such names are used for 
functions, callbacks, arguments, data structures, and fields. 
For example: AbstractResponseType is the SOAP response type definition on 
which all PayPal API response methods are based. 
Components of Internet protocol requests and responses, such as HTTPS and 
FORM variables.
For example: The PayPal system uses a method=POST request to return IPN 
status variables related to subscriptions, such as txn_type.
Serif bold
User interface names, such as window names or menu selections.
For example: On the Profile page, click Email to confirm your email address. 
Website Payments Standard Checkout Integration Guide
August, 2005






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