5 Aggregate the following set of 64 /24 IP network addresses to the
highest degree possible.
a. List each address in binary format and determine the common pre 
fix for all of the addresses: 11001010.00000001.01100000.00000000 11001010.00000001.01100001.00000000 11001010.00000001.01100010.00000000
: 11001010.00000001.01111110.00000000 11001010.00000001.01111111.00000000 11001010.00000001.10000000.00000000 11001010.00000001.10000001.00000000
: 11001010.00000001.10011110.00000000 11001010.00000001.10011111.00000000 
b. Note that this set of 64 /24s cannot be summarized as a single /19. 11001010.00000001.01100000.00000000 11001010.00000001.10000000.00000000
c. The CIDR aggregation is:
Similar to the previous example, if two /19s are to be aggregated into
a /18, the /19s must fall within a single /18 block. Since each of these
two /19s is a member of a different /18 block, they cannot be aggre 
gated into a single /18. They could be aggregated into 202.1/16, but
this aggregation would include 192 network numbers that were not
part of the original allocation. Thus, the smallest possible aggregate is
two /19s. 
6 How would you express the entire Class A address space as a single
CIDR advertisement?
Since the leading bit of all Class A addresses is  0 , the entire Class A
address space can be expressed as 0/1. 
U N D E R S TA N D I N G   I P   A D D R E S S I N G
7 2






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