IPv6 Address Examples 
As explained earlier, IPv6 subnetting can be compared to classless
addressing. The following list of host IDs shows how IPv6 addresses
could be written. Note that the 255 address limit that existed with IPv4
is no longer a limitation in IPv6, so there could be many more possibili 
ties in addition to what is listed. The underlined portion of each address
identifies the network prefix which is calculated through the prefix
length notation. In other words, since /48 is the prefix length notation,
then the first four integers will be the prefix length and the rest will be
the interface ID. Because each integer equals 16, the calculation is 48
divided by 16 equals 4.
Subnet #1: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0078/48
Host #1: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0080/48
Host #2: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0081/48
Host #3: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0082/48
Host #4: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0083/48
Host #5: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0084/48
Host #6: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0085/48
Host #62: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0086/48
Host #63: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0087/48
Host #64: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0088/48
Host #65: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980 :7654:FCD4:FF26:0089/48
Host #123: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0090/48
Host #124: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0091/48
Host #125: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980:7654:FCD4:FF26:0092/48
Host #126: ABF2:45AF:2574:9980 :7654:FCD4:FF26:0093/48
4 9






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