Assume SLA I is assigned 3FFE:2900:D:E::/63. Starting at the bottom
aggregators, SLA I must announce its block 3FFE:2900:1:10::/63 to NLA
I. Because this is a subset of NLA I's space,  NLA I is not required to
announce this SLA (from SLA I) to TLA I. A similar situation exists with
NLA II. TLA I only needs to hear the NLA aggregations that it dele 
gated to the two NLAs, regardless of how the NLAs have subdelegated
their space. 
At this point, TLA I has to carry only three announcements for non 
backbone space. Note that the first two of these announcements are
simply subsets of the block assigned to TLA I. Therefore, in the bilat 
eral peering between TLA I and TLA II, only one route needs to be
exchanged between these peers. Although this is a limited example, it
shows the routing simplicity that has come to pass as a result of this
The IPv6 routing will greatly increase the long term efficiency of the
Internet backbone routing tables for two main reasons. The current
IPv4 addresses are portable and can be taken with an individual who
leaves a certain service provider's jurisdiction and goes to another
provider. This leads to many extraneous announcements in the core of
the Internet backbone as Network Service Providers lose the ability to
aggregate announcements properly. 
The second reason is that only TLAs will be assigned address space
from the Numbering Authorities. Today, IANA is the responsible party
for numbering, which in turn delegates numbers to regional registries
such as ARIN, RIPE, and APNIC. These regional numbers authorities in
turn assign IPv4 address space to Internet providers, businesses, and
organizations that can demonstrate sufficient need for their own IP
blocks. Notice how this process leads to more small blocks being carried
in the core Internet table. If renumbering were simple, then getting IP
space directly from upstream providers of connectivity would not be
such an issue. Users who are dissatisfied with service could simply get
another provider and then renumber. By ensuring that only TLAs get
address space, only big blocks of space are delegated, which ensures
that aggregation can always occur. 
U N D E R S TA N D I N G   I P   A D D R E S S I N G
4 8






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