This draft has generated a tremendous amount of discussion within the
Internet community about the concept of address ownership and what
it means in the context of global routing. 
Administrators of smaller organizations that want to own their
addresses have concerns about the difficulty of renumbering and their
lack of self determination if their provider or their provider's upstream
provider changes its provider. 
Finally, ISPs have concerns because the term  large provider  has not
been defined. At this time, the discussion continues since any criteria
recommended by the IETF is bound to be perceived as unfair by some. 
Procedures for Internet/Enterprise Renumbering (PIER)
In the face of the address ownership versus address lending debate, it is
clear that renumbering has become an issue. Procedures for
Internet/Enterprise Renumbering (PIER) is a working group of the IETF
charged with the task of developing a renumbering strategy. 
RFC 1916 is a request by PIER for the Internet community to provide
assistance in the development of a series of documents describing how
an organization might proceed to renumber its network. The ultimate
goal of these documents is to provide education and practical experi 
ence to the Internet community. 
Market Based Allocation of IP Address Blocks
An Internet Draft,  Suggestions for Market Based Allocation of IP
Address Blocks,  is a proposal to make IPv4 address assignments trans 
ferable and condones the exchange of money as part of the transfer pro 
cedure. The draft suggests that the Internet community embrace the
profit motive as an incentive to motivate organizations to act in ways
that will improve resource use. This proposal is similar to another pro 
posal to introduce financial incentives for route aggregation (that is,
have ISPs levy a charge for each route advertised). The idea is to move
the decisions regarding scarce resources from a political atmosphere to a
financial environment that is better suited to deal with scarcity. 
U N D E R S TA N D I N G   I P   A D D R E S S I N G
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