For example, assume that the network administrator was also allowed to
configure the network with a /26 extended network prefix,
as shown in Figure 17. A /16 network address with a /26 extended net 
work prefix would permit 1,024 subnets (210), each of which would
support a maximum of 62 hosts (26  2). The /26 prefix would be ideal
for small subnets with less than 60 hosts, while the /22 prefix would be
well suited for larger subnets containing up to 1,000 hosts. 
F I G U R E   1 7 .   1 3 0 . 5 . 0 / 1 6   w i t h   a   / 2 6   E x t e n d e d   N e t w o r k   P re f i x
Route Aggregation
VLSM also allows the recursive division of an organization's address
space so that it can be reassembled and aggregated to reduce the
amount of routing information at the top level. Conceptually, a network
is first divided into subnets, then some of the subnets are divided into
sub subnets, and some of the sub subnets are divided into sub subnets.
This allows the detailed structure of routing information for one subnet
group to be hidden from routers in another subnet group. 
2 1






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