F I G U R E   8 .   S u b n e t t i n g   t h e   R o u t i n g   R e q u i re m e n t s   o f   t h e
I n t e r n e t
In Figure 8, a site with several logical networks uses subnet addressing
with a single /16 (Class B) network address. The router accepts all traffic
from the Internet addressed to network, and forwards traffic
to the interior subnetworks based on the third octet of the classful
address. The deployment of subnetting within the private network pro 
vides several benefits:
  The size of the global Internet routing table does not grow because
the site administrator does not need to obtain additional address space
and the routing advertisements for all of the subnets are combined
into a single routing table entry.
  The local administrator has the flexibility to deploy additional sub 
nets without obtaining a new network number from the Internet.
  Route flapping (that is, the rapid changing of routes) within the pri 
vate network does not affect the Internet routing table since Internet
routers do not know about the reachability of the individual subnets 
they just know about the reachability of the parent network number. 
Extended Network Prefix
Internet routers use only the network prefix of the destination address
to route traffic to a subnetted environment. Routers within the subnet 
ted environment use the extended network prefix to route traffic
between the individual subnets. The extended network prefix is com 
posed of the classful network prefix and the subnet number.
F I G U R E   9 .   E x t e n d e d   N e t w o r k   P re f i x






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