Other Classes
In addition to the three most popular classes, there are two additional
classes. Class D addresses have their leading four bits set to 1 1 1 0 and
are used to support IP Multicasting. Class E addresses have their leading
four bits set to 1 1 1 1 and are reserved for experimental use. 
Dotted Decimal Notation
To make Internet addresses easier for people to read and write, IP
addresses are often expressed as four decimal numbers, each separated
by a dot. This format is called  dotted decimal notation.  
Dotted decimal notation divides the 32 bit Internet address into four 8 
bit fields and specifies the value of each field independently as a deci 
mal number with the fields separated by dots. Figure 5 shows how a
typical /16 (Class B) Internet address can be expressed in dotted decimal
F I G U R E   5 .   D o t t e d   D e c i m a l   N o t a t i o n
Table 1 displays the range of dotted decimal values that can be assigned
to each of the three principle address classes. The  xxx  represents the
host number field of the address that is assigned by the local network
TA B L E   1 .   D o t t e d   D e c i m a l   R a n g e s   f o r   E a c h   A d d re s s   C l a s s






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