SSH / Shell access  
You can connect to your site through shell access to have the ability to run 
commands as if you were sitting at the computer which your site is on. Shell 
access allows you to run command line programs, copy files, delete files, and 
WARNING: Changes made while using the shell will be reflected on your 
account. Most changes will not give any warning, including deleting files, or 
changing file permissions. These changes can be harmful if you are unfamiliar 
with the commands you are using.  
  To access 
SSH / Shell Access,
 click on the 
 icon above the words 
SSH / 
Shell Access
 on the main screen of your cPanel interface. 
  You are now logged into the command line of the server that your site is on. 
  You are logged in as the main user on your account. You can now access the 
files that are a part of your account. 
Using the shell is just like using the command line on a UNIX based server. 
There is no undo button so be careful what commands you choose to run. 






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