Active connections 
Screenshot 22   Active Internet connections 
The  `Active connections'  view shows all of the currently active TCP 
connections which are passing through your ISA Server. The 
information shown includes the username, Source IP, bytes 
Received/Sent, Status as well as details on the URL being accessed.  
You can also use this view to cancel and disconnect an active Internet 
connection (e.g., You can interrupt a big file download which will take 
up too much bandwidth). To interrupt a connection, click on the   
button included in the `Status' column (of the connection to be 
NOTE: The information displayed is not automatically refreshed. Click 
on the Refresh button in the upper right of the view to update the 
information being shown.  
URL History 
Screenshot 23   URL History view 
The  `URL History'  view shows the URLs/sites that were most 
frequently accessed (through ISA Server) by network users. The 
information shown is sorted in descending order of popularity (most 
popular URL is listed on top) and includes: 
 Monitoring Internet activity 
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