Screenshot 20   Configuring the virus update frequency 
Keeping the virus scanning engine(s) up to date 
To view the properties of supported virus scanning engines as well as 
configure the update frequency policy of the respective signature files:  
1. Select the scanning engine to be configured (e.g. BitDefender) from 
the list provided under the Configuration 
 Web Traffic Scanning node.  
2. In the configuration section displayed in the right pane, specify  the 
required signature file update frequency in hours.  
3. Click on the Apply button to save your configuration settings. 
NOTE 1: It is recommended to check for anti virus definition files at 
least once every 24 hours. 
NOTE 2: Web Traffic Scanning for viruses will remain active even 
during the definition file updating process.  
NOTE 3: GFI WebMonitor will check for anti virus definition updates 
every time a change is made to the update frequency policy. 
GFI WebMonitor 3 
Web Traffic Scanning 






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