4. Click on the Apply button to save your configuration settings. 
Excluding Users/IPs from Site Rating 
Screenshot 13   Site Rating node: Users/IPs excluded from Site Rating 
You can configure GFI WebMonitor to block target URL requests 
made from specific users/Computer IPs to the Site Rating processing 
engine. This means that the URLs of sites visited by users listed in the 
user/IP exception list will not be checked and rated through the 
Yahoo! SafeSearch
To configure User/IP exceptions:  
1. Click on the Configuration 
 Site Rating node.  
2. Go to the  Exceptions: Users/Computers  section.  
3. Specify the username or IP address of the computer that will be 
excluded from the Site Rating process and click on the Add button.   
4. Click on the Apply button to save your configuration settings. 
NOTE: If the target site is already a member of the  Adult  
Destination/URL Set, ISA Server will still block access to it. You will 
need to manually delete the target site from the  Adult  
Destination/URL Set to stop ISA Server from blocking access.  
GFI WebMonitor 3 
Site Rating 






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