NOTE:  It is recommended that the collected data is cleared at 
least once a week. 
  Automatically reset the Connection data history list every day 
at midnight   Select this option to let GFI WebMonitor 
automatically reset the history data cache daily at midnight. 
4.  Click on the Apply button to save the configuration settings. 
NOTE: GFI WebMonitor can store up to a maximum of 3000 records 
in its website history cache. Exceeding the maximum limit will cause 
random deletion of information from the history cache. Whenever this 
happens, a  Data Overflow  message is displayed at the bottom of the 
URL History page. 
Alerting Options 
GFI WebMonitor will send an email notification on the occurrence of 
important events. Important email notifications include warnings when 
anti virus definition files fail to update as well as warnings when the 
anti virus license will be approaching expiry. 
To configure the recipient and mail server settings to use for email 
1. Click on the Configuration 
 General Options node.  
2. Go to the  Alerting Options  section.  
3. Specify the following parameters: 
  To:   Specify the address to where email notifications will be sent.  
  From:    Specify the email address from where the email 
notification will be sent. 
  SMTP Server:   Specify the IP address of the SMTP Server which 
will forward the email notifications. 
  SMTP Port:   Specify the port through which the email 
transmission will take place. 
3. Click on the Apply button to save your configuration settings. 
Extended Alerting Options 
GFI WebMonitor can be configured to send the target recipient email 
notifications every time the virus definitions are successfully 
downloaded and updated.  
To enable extended Alerting Options:  
1. Exit GFI WebMonitor interface. 
2. Open the file named `WebMonCfg.TXT' in GFI WebMonitor 
installation directory. 
3. Add the following entry in the [Notifications] area of the 
`WebMonCfg.TXT' file: `
4. Save and close the file.  
5. Restart the ISA Server Web Proxy Server (W3PROXY) from the 
Service Control Manager (Start 
 Control Panel 
Administrative Tools 
 Configuring GFI WebMonitor 
GFI WebMonitor 3 






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