Access Permissions 
Screenshot 9   Security node: Access Permissions list 
Access to GFI WebMonitor is based on the IP or windows 
authenticated username which are being used by the user attempting 
to gain access to the configuration. Only users/computers which are in 
the authorized users/IP list will be allowed access.  
To add a user or IP to the access permissions list: 
1. Click on the Configuration 
 Access Permissions node. 
2. Specify the username (in the format DOMAIN\user) or IP (e.g., of the computer from which requests to access GFI 
WebMonitor will be allowed and click on the Add button.  
3. Click on Apply to save the updated configuration settings.  
NOTE: When using IP Access Control, you must assign a fixed/static 
IP to every computer which is allowed access to GFI WebMonitor. 
This is required in order to avoid having to change your list of allowed 
IPs every time that a computer is rebooted or served a different IP by 
the DHCP Server.  
 Configuring GFI WebMonitor 
GFI WebMonitor 3 






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