Accessing GFI WebMonitor 
Use GFI WebMonitor web based interface for configuration and 
monitoring. The GFI WebMonitor interface can be launched in two 
  On the ISA Server on which GFI WebMonitor is installed by 
clicking on: Start 
 GFI WebMonitor 
  Remotely over the network using Internet Explorer. Launch 
Internet Explorer by clicking on Start 
 Run and typing in  
. Then go to the following URL:  
NOTE: On a default installation only the administrator on the ISA 
Server machine will be allowed access to GFI WebMonitor. 
Screenshot 5   GFI WebMonitor configuration interface 
Troubleshooting GFI WebMonitor access troubles 
If you have trouble accessing GFI WebMonitor web interface chances 
are you are experiencing one of the following:  
1. Your Internet Explorer settings are not using the ISA Server as its 
proxy server.  
2. You are trying to access GFI WebMonitor from a computer which 
has not been given the necessary access permissions to GFI 
GFI WebMonitor 3 
Accessing GFI WebMonitor 






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