NOTE 2: You must license GFI WebMonitor for the number of 
computers that will connect to the ISA Server for Access Control and 
monitoring. If you will be installing on multiple ISA Servers you will 
need a license for each installation.  
NOTE 3: Entering the license key should not be confused with the 
process of registering your company details on our website. This is 
important, since it allows us to give you support and notify you of 
important product news. Register on:
Advanced GFI WebMonitor deployments 
The installation and usage of GFI WebMonitor always follows the 
same paths and procedures. Install GFI WebMonitor, open Internet 
Explorer and access the configuration and monitoring interface 
through the following URL: 
. The ISA Server which 
picks up the request will respond.  
In the case of multiple routed ISA Server installations you need to 
manually edit a file so that the various GFI WebMonitor download 
windows will not interfere with each other. This is achieved by 
overwriting the default 
 URL with a dedicated 
real/virtual IP which will clearly identify GFI WebMonitor making the 
request as well as identify which download window is to process the 
Deploying and using GFI WebMonitor on multiple ISA 
Servers or ISA Server arrays 
1. Install GFI WebMonitor on each of the ISA Server computers that 
you want to monitor.  
2. On each GFI WebMonitor deployment use Notepad (or an HTML 
editor) to open the DownloadingPage.html file located in GFI 
WebMonitor installation directory. Change the address contained in 
the following variables to a real/virtual IP address that is routable via 
the ISA Server on which you are making the change. E.g.,  
   ThisISAServerAddress  variable which is set by default to 
   SecondISAServerAddress  variable containing an IP address 
which is set by default to This variable must contain 
the same value that has been specified for the 
 ThisISAServerAddress  variable. 
NOTE: Assign IP addresses to both of the above mentioned variables 
in order to avoid configuration problems. 
3. After you have completed all the required changes, restart all ISA 
Servers where GFI WebMonitor is installed (i.e., the ISA Servers 
where the changes to the DownloadingPage.html have been made). 
4. To open GFI WebMonitor interface page of a particular ISA Server, 
you must call it by the address specified in the relative 
 ThisISAServerAddress  or  SecondISAServerAddress  variables 
GFI WebMonitor 3 
Installing GFI WebMonitor 






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