Installing GFI WebMonitor 
GFI WebMonitor system requirements 
  Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP 3) or 2003 Server. 
  Microsoft ISA Server 2000 (not in firewall only mode) OR Microsoft 
ISA Server 2004 (Standard or Enterprise). 
  Microsoft Internet Explorer to access GFI WebMonitor. 
  20 MB free hard disk space. 
Installing GFI WebMonitor 
Before you install GFI WebMonitor for ISA Server, make sure: 
  You are logged on as an administrator (or any account having 
administrative privileges) on the domain or computer where GFI 
WebMonitor is being installed. 
  You have Windows 2000/2003 Server and Microsoft ISA Server 
2000/2004 installed and running. 
  You close any other Windows application that is running on the 
computer on which GFI WebMonitor is to be installed. 
  You do not have GFI DownloadSecurity installed on the same 
machine on which you will be running GFI WebMonitor.   
NOTE: GFI DownloadSecurity and GFI WebMonitor make use of 
common services and libraries (dlls, etc.). This may cause both 
software to conflict and perform incorrectly if installed and run 
simultaneously on the same computer. It is recommended that you 
uninstall GFI DownloadSecurity before installing GFI WebMonitor. 
1. Logon to your ISA Server and launch GFI WebMonitor installation 
wizard by double clicking on webmonitor3.exe.  
2. As soon as the welcome dialog appears click on Next  to start the 
installation process. 
3. Choose whether you want the installation wizard to check for a 
newer version of GFI WebMonitor on the GFI website.  Click on Next 
to continue.  
4. Read the license agreement. Select  I Accept the Licensing 
agreement  and click on Next to continue. 
5. Choose whether you want to make a clean install or import the 
settings of a previously installed build/version of GFI WebMonitor into 
the new installation. Click on next to continue.  
NOTE: This dialog is shown only when installing on a computer where 
GFI WebMonitor was already installed.  
GFI WebMonitor 3 
Installing GFI WebMonitor 






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