Does not duplicate functionality already present in MS ISA Server. 
  Site Rating   Proactive assisted real time content filtering   GFI 
WebMonitor checks URLs for adult content through the Yahoo! 
 categorization engine. Yahoo! SafeSearch
 is an 
online database which classifies and categorizes various sites on 
the Internet. GFI WebMonitor queries this database to detect sites 
with adult content. With GFI WebMonitor and Yahoo! 
 database querying, your administrative overhead to 
keep your web filters up to date (with new adult sites opened) is 
  Web Traffic Scanning   Scanning downloaded content via HTTP 
and FTP for viruses using one or more virus scanning engines. By 
default GFI WebMonitor supports three virus scanning engines; 
BitDefender, Kaspersky and Norman.  
  Real filetype signature check   GFI WebMonitor performs real 
filetype signature checks on all HTTP/FTP files being downloaded.  
Filetype signatures are a short series of bytes that define the true 
type and content of a file. GFI WebMonitor will detect and block 
dangerous/unauthorized files based on their filetype signature (i.e. 
blocking of documents or executables based on their file signature 
rather than on their declared file extension).  
  Automatic anti virus definition updates   GFI WebMonitor 
periodically checks and downloads new anti virus definitions for its 
virus scanning engine(s).  The frequency at which GFI 
WebMonitor checks for virus definition updates is customizable 
from GFI WebMonitor configuration interface.  
  Email Notifications   On the occurrence of important events, GFI 
WebMonitor will send out administrative alerts via email 
notifications to a target recipient. Important events include:  
  Failed updating of the virus definition files used by the virus 
scanning engine(s).  
  Approaching of anti virus license expiry.  
GFI WebMonitor 3 






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