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Webmail Web Hosting

Webmail web hosting - all our accounts comes with webmail feature which allows you to check your email anywhere from the world from the web. Visionwebhosting have full support for all your webmail hosting needs.

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Webmail Web Hosting / IMP is the Internet Messaging Program. It is written in PHP and provides webmail web hosting access to IMAP and POP3 accounts.






There are currently three branches of IMP. IMP 4.0 is the current production version of the stable branch. It requires PHP 4.3.0 and version 3.x of the Horde framework. It adds new features like crypting support, flexible charset handling, virtual folders for saved searches, a WYSIWYG editor for creating HTML messages, improved MIME message handling, and many more.

IMP 3.2.7 is the current production version of the previous stable branch. It requires PHP 4.1.0 and version 2.0 of the Horde framework. It adds advanced features such as searching multiple mailboxes, identities, and a hierarchical mailbox navigator, as well as a cleaner, redesigned user interface. As with IMP 2.2 before it, it passes the "MIME Torture Test" that UW makes available.

IMP 2.2 is the previous stable branch, now obsolete. It used PHPLIB for session management, and worked with both PHP3 and PHP4. Version 2.2 is no longer actively developed; please see the IMP 2.2 page for more details on known security problems in the last version released. The Horde Project strongly urges sites still running IMP 2.2 to upgrade to 3.x as soon as possible so that you can full webmail hosting support at Visionwebhosting.

webmail web hosting


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