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The success forward specifies a path of simple/viewUserList.dox. The forward is pro 
cessed by STXX and matched against patterns in the stxx pipelines.xml file. In this
example, the matching pattern defines a simple XML to XHTML transformation
using an XSL stylesheet:
    Simple XSLT
    Performs simple XSLT transformations
The first
element specifies the context relative path to the XSL stylesheet. The
value contains a substitution value retrieved from the wildcard matched path.
If the
notation looks familiar, that's because it's the same wild 
card matching approach shown in Recipe 7.8. Wildcard mappings, as
well as the STXX pipeline approach, originated in the Apache Cocoon
In this case, the transformation uses the xsl/viewUserList.xsl stylesheet shown in
Example 14 34.
Example 14 34. XSL stylesheet that renders the user list
                            View XSL
     select="/stxx/applicationResources/key[@name= link.index ]"/>
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