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The pop up window displayed when you click on the  Summary As PopUp  link is
shown in Figure 14 8.
Figure 14 8.  Pop up browser window generated by SiteMesh
See Also
You'll find a good tutorial on using SiteMesh with Struts in one of Rick
Reumann's  Struttin' with Struts  lessons at http://www.reumann.net/struts/
Will Iverson has written a good SiteMesh introduction available at http://today.java.net/
14.8 Integrating JavaServer Faces with Struts
You want to migrate an existing Struts application to JavaServer Faces without hav 
ing to rewrite the entire application.
Use the Struts Faces integration library.
It's reasonable to consider JavaServer Faces (JSF) to be the  son of Struts.  In fact, the
creator of Struts, Craig McClanahan, serves as co lead for the JSF specification. Unlike
Struts, JSF specifies a component model for the user interface of applications. Theoreti 
cally, that model can be rendered by any type of user interface, and not just a web 
based interface. But in its current release, JSF targets web application development.
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