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Tiles includes a tabbed layout that you can use and customize for your own user
interfaces. This layout creates a page that will look something like Figure 14 2.
Figure 14 2.  Using Tiles for tabbed panes
When you click on a link on a tab, the tab becomes highlighted and the content asso 
ciated with that tab is displayed. Tiles uses the URL to determine the page to display
as defined in the definition. For example, when you click on the  Page Two  tab, you
will see the URL:
http://localhost/jsc ch14 tiles/tabs_def.jsp?selected=1
Tiles uses the
request parameter to index into the items specified in the def 
inition. As shown in Figure 14 3, this results in the display of the content from the
Figure 14 3.  Tabbed pane after tab selection
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