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Table 14 1. Components of a page layout
Component name
Page position
Text, specific to the body content, displayed in the browser
Browser title bar and within the
title as well as the header
Contains the page title as header text
Top, from left to right margin
Navigation Bar
Contains a set of links for pages that you can display as the
Left sidebar
body content
Body Content
Primary content of the page, varies for every page
Centered below the header and
between the sidebars
News Sidebar
News and events; this content will be the same on every
Right sidebar
Contains legalese and related information, displayed in a
Bottom, from left to right margin
smaller font
You can think of the entire page as a single component that contains these compo 
nents laid out in a particular fashion. You can define this set of components in a
Tiles definition file (tiles defs.xml), as shown in Example 14 1.
Example 14 1. Tiles definitions file
       " //Apache Software Foundation//DTD Tiles Configuration 1.1//EN"
       "http://jakarta.apache.org/struts/dtds/tiles config_1_1.dtd">
attribute of the
element specifies the location of the JSP page
that lays out the components. Each
element defines a page component, and the
 attribute specifies the contents of that component.
If you have prototyped the layout using an HTML or JSP page, you can transform it
into a Tiles layout page. Example 14 2 (sample.html) shows the static source HTML
from Figure 14 1.
Example 14 2. Prototype HTML layout page
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