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Use Tiles with your Struts application.
Tiles has been distributed with Struts since the Struts 1.1 release. Prior to that, it was
available as a separate add on known as Components. Tiles allows you to create page
component definitions that can be reused throughout your application.
The first step in using Tiles is to understand your needs. What are the common ele 
ments and what are the elements that change on every page? Is the layout the same
across your application? If not, would your application be more usable if it did have
a common layout?
To understand how to apply Tiles, this recipe walks you through its application for a
simple web site. Say you want to apply a common page layout, such as the one in
Figure 14 1, to every page of your application.
Figure 14 1.  Typical page layout with header, sidebars, and footer
Moving from left to right and top to bottom, you pull the page apart into its compo 
nent pieces described in Table 14 1.
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