National Climatic
Readily available are data
The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)
Data Center (NCDC)
from the monthly
collects and catalogs nearly all U.S.
Federal Building
publication Climatological
weather records.
Climatic data (which are
37 Battery Park Ave.
Data, which reports
essential for construction planning,
Asheville, NC 28801 
temperature and
environmental assessments, and conducting
precipitation statistics
surface and groundwater modeling) can be
(704) 259 0682 or
for all monitoring
obtained from the NCC.
(703) 259 0871
stations in a given state
or region.
An annual
summary is also available.
In addition to collecting
NCC can provide data on file in hard (paper)
basic data, NCDC provides
copy, in microfiche, on magnetic tape, and
the following services:
on diskette.
  Supply of publications,
For general summary statistics and maps, the
reference manuals,
publication Climates of the States   NOAA
catalog of holdings, and
Narrative Summaries, Tables, and Maps for
data report atlases
Each State, by Gale Research Company (1980)
  Data and map
is helpful.
reproduction in various
  Analysis and preparation
of statistical summaries
  Evaluation of data
records for specific
analytical requirements
  Library search for
references, abstracts,
and documents
  Referral to
organizations holding
requested information
  Provision of general
atmospheric sciences
A4 16
November 1992






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