National Stream
Regional and nationwide
Consists of over 400 sampling sites.
Quality Accounting
overview of the quality of
collection sties are located at or near the
Network (NASQAN)
our streams.
downstream end of hydrologic accounting
units or at representative sites along
Branch of
coastal areas and Great Lakes.
1200 South Ends St.
Arlington, VA 22202
Office of Water Data
Publications including the
OWDC is the focal point for inter agency
Coordination (OWDC)
"National Handbook of
coordination of current and planned water 
Recommended Methods for
data acquisition activities of all Federal
417 National Center
Water Data Acquisition,"
agencies and many non Federal organizations.
Reston, VA 22092
indexes to the "Catalog of
(703) 648 5016
Information on Water
Data," and other
National Ground
Computerized, on line
Databases are accessible through computer,
Water Information
bibliographic database
modem, and telecommunications software.
Center (National
that provides a variety of
Members and nonmembers can gain access.
Ground Water
information on the
Abstracts are relatively short and
quantity and quality of
6375 Riverside Drive
ground water resources
Dublin, OH 43017
Also includes
(800) 332 2104
references on such ground
(614) 761 3446 (fax)
water topics as ground
water protection, waste
remediation, well design
and construction, drilling
methods, water treatment,
and flow and contaminant
transport models.
Photocopying service of
most database references
and interlibrary loan
service available.
information brochures on
ground water available.
A4 15
November 1992






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