Water Publications
This book lists state
The trend for the past decade has been to
of State Agencies,
agencies involved with
compile such basic data in computerized data
Giefer and Todd
research related to water
banks, and a number of such information
(1972, 1976)
and also lists all
systems are now available for private and
publications of these
public users.
Many data now collected by
Federal and state water related agencies are
available through computer files, but most
In general, hydrologic
data collected by private consultants, local
data can be classified
and county agencies, and well drilling
into four primary
contractors remain with the organization
that gathered them.
discharge, stream water
quality, groundwater
level, and groundwater
Local Assistance
NAWDEX identifies
NAWDEX, which began operation in 1976 and is
Center of the
organizations that collect
administered by the U.S. Geological Survey
National Water Data
water data, offices within
consists of a computer directory system
Exchange (NAWDEX)
these organizations from
which locates sources of needed water data.
U.S. Geological
which the data may be
The system helps to link data users to data
obtained, alternate
For example, the NAWDEX Master
421 National Ctr.
sources from which an
Water Data Index can identify the sites at
Reston, VA 22092
organization's data may be
which water data are available in a
(703) 648 5663
obtained, the geographic
geographic area, and the Water Data Sources
areas in which an
Directory can then identify the names and
organization collects
addresses of organizations from which the
data, and the types of
data may be obtained.
In addition, listings
data collected.
and summary counts of data, references to
Information has been
other water data systems, and bibliographic
compiled for more than
data services are available.
1,700 organizations, and
information on other
organizations is added
More than
450,000 data collection
sites are indexed.
WATSTORE maintains the
Data can be retrieved in machine readable
Branch of Computer
storage of:
1) surface 
form or as computer printed tables or
water, quality of water,
graphs, statistical analyses, and digital
and ground water data
To retrieve WATSTORE data, contact:
Reston, VA 22092
measured on a daily or a
(703) 648 5686
continuous basis; 2)
National Water Data Exchange (NAWDEX)
annual peak values of
Branch of Computer Technology
stream flow stations; 3)
chemical analyses for
Mail Stop 421
surface  and ground water
Reston, VA 22092
sites; 4) water data
(703) 648 5664
parameters measured more
frequently than daily; 5)
geologic and inventory
data for ground water
sites; and 6) summary data
on water use.
A4 13
November 1992






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