USGS Earth Resources
The EROS Program provides
The EROS Data Center, near Sioux Falls,
Observation Systems
remotely sensed data.
South Dakota, is operated by the USGS to
(EROS) Data Center
obtain publications,
provide access primarily to NASA's Landsat
User Service
request further
imagery, aerial photography acquired by the
EROS Data Center
information, or place an
U.S. Department of the Interior, and
U.S. Geological
order, contact the EROS
photography and multi spectral imagery
Data Center.
acquired by NASA from several satellite data
Sioux Falls, SD
systems sources.
The primary functions of
the Data Center are data storage and
(605) 594 6151
reproduction, user assistance, and training.
Landsat Data
Landsat satellites sensor
The Landsat satellites were designed to
images are found in
orbit the earth about 14 times each day at
spectral bands:
an altitude of 920 km, obtaining repetitive
coverage every 18 days.
The primary sensor
  Band 4 (emphasizes
aboard the satellites is a multi spectral
sediment laden and
scanner that acquires parallelogram images
shallow water)
185 km per side in four spectral bands.
  Band 5 (emphasizes
cultural features)
  Band 6 (emphasizes
vegetation, land/water
boundaries, and
  Band 7 (as above, with
best penetration of
  Band 5 gives the best
general purpose view of
the earth's surface.
Black and white images
and false color
composites are
NASA Aerial
Photography is available
NASA aerial photography is directed at
in a wide variety of
testing a variety of remote sensing
formats from flight at
instruments and techniques in aerial flights
altitudes ranging from one
over certain preselected test sites over the
to 18 km.
continental U.S.
generally come as 230 mm
by 230 mm prints at scales
of 1:60,000 or 1:120,000,
and are available as black
and white, color, or
false color infrared
Aerial Mapping
Aerial photography
Because of the large number of individual
coverage obtained by the
photographs needed to show a region on the
USGS and other Federal
ground, photomosaic indexes are used to
agencies (other than the
identify photographic coverage of a specific
Soil Conservation Service)
The Data Center has more than 50,000
for mapping of the U.S. is
such mosaics available for photographic
available as 230 mm by 230
mm black and white prints
which are taken at
altitudes of 600 m to 12
Scales range from
1:20,000 to 1:60,000.
A4 11
November 1992






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